what is blood sugar

Blood sugar, or glucose, is sugar in the blood and is one of the body’s main sources of energy.
It comes from the food we eat, especially carbohydrates.
The pancreas maintains energy balance in the body by secreting insulin to assist cells in absorbing and utilizing blood sugar.

The dangers of high blood sugar

High blood sugar can lead to a variety of health problems, so early recognition and treatment of high blood sugar is crucial.


Cardiovascular diseases

kidney problems

nerve damage

How to check blood sugar?

Checking blood sugar is done through blood sample analysis.
The most common method is to use a glucometer to measure a small drop of blood on your finger.
In addition, oral glucose tolerance tests and glycated hemoglobin tests are also common tests that can provide information on blood sugar control over an extended period of time.

6 Ways to Control Blood Sugar Naturally

Moderate exercise

Moderate aerobic exercise can help improve the body's sensitivity to insulin and maintain blood sugar balance.

High-fiber diet

Consuming enough dietary fiber, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, can help stabilize blood sugar.

Control your diet

Properly distribute your diet and avoid excessive intake of high-sugar and high-fat foods to help control blood sugar naturally.

Get enough sleep

Maintaining good sleep quality is essential for stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Drink more water

Consuming enough water can help thin your blood and slow down the rise in blood sugar.

Coping with stress

Learn effective stress management techniques to reduce your body's stress response and keep your blood sugar stable.

3 drinks that can help lower blood sugar levels

Bitter Melon Juice

Considered to have the potential to lower blood sugar, but should be used under the guidance of a physician.

Lemon water

Contains vitamin C, which can improve the body's sensitivity to insulin.

Black tea

Contains a variety of beneficial substances that some studies believe may help control blood sugar.

How to prevent high blood sugar

Preventing hyperglycemia requires a comprehensive series of measures.
In addition to following the above methods of naturally controlling blood sugar, regular medical check-ups, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding excess sugar and processed foods, and seeking professional medical advice are all key steps to help reduce the risk of high blood sugar stress.